50 Shades of Green (!?)

I have not read the books or watched to movie! What does that say about me? Don’t know, don’t care. But I know that on my weekend bush run, getting all thoughts filtered, enjoying nature, watching a butterfly for 5 minutes and talking to a wallaby, I sharpen my senses. When I get to my halfway point, a stone bench with a beautiful view, I see everything much clearer!!!

Every shade of green in the leaves. The way the light reflects, the way the leaves move, the way the colours change intensity. I see every shade – and many more than 50!

Thank you nature. Why all the fuss about so many shades of Grey, when you can enjoy hundreds of shades of Green right at your doorstep – with pure pleasure. What if sensuality, sensing and having an acute awareness of the things around you, the textures and colours, the light and the shade, would bring you hours of joy?

And imagine to share that experience, like a good book, when you describe it to someone else, when you frame that picture in your mind – or when you bring a friend along for your bush walk next time. I’m going for colours: starting with every shade of Green. Which shades are you capturing today?