Joy Hearts was founded by Annlone after half a lifetime of team and personal development. Life experiences like moving to the other side of the globe, working in corporate, getting a family – and still keeping track of herself, inspired her to inspire others to deal with everyday life in a positive way.

How? Through life coaching, speaking, engaging workshops and inspirational blogs. Annlone is a certified coach and member of the International Coach Guild and follows their coaching ethics.

Joy Hearts Speaking Brochure Corporate

Are you feeling stuck? In your career, relationships or life itself. Have you lost your sense of purpose and direction, not knowing what’s important anymore? Do you lack clarity or find yourself procrastinating? Then life coaching might be for you.

Life coaching helps you think of what you want going forward in all areas of daily life, and can not be compared to therapy. Joy Hearts will inspire you to get the most out of every day.

I believe that when you open your heart, joy will follow. When you start listening to that inner voice (hellooooo…helloooooo….I know you’re in there!!?!) , your everyday life will get easier and you will feel happier. You cannot change others or what’s happening around you – it starts with you.

So open your eyes, ears and heart to the good things in and around you – and all the opportunities ahead. I look forward to taking you on an inspirational journey.