Be MINDFUL in traffic – pretend it’s your darling AUNT ahead!

Be present. When in traffic, don’t get upset, create flow – think friendly thoughts, as if the idiot in the car in front was your best friend or your mum. Try to understand other stupid things in their life and day have made them stressed, give them a bit of your positive energy, hopefully the rest of their day will turn out for the better.

Have you thought about how much better you feel when you have let someone in in front of you? When you used your energy to read the traffic and create some positive reactions and flow – instead of swearing, shouting and telling others off? And that’s only YOUR inner state, imagine the difference it makes to your family in the car.

My husband’s grandma used to say: a gap will always appear. So when you wait to get out into a busy road, and cars just keep coming and coming, and you start listing all the things you’ll get late for and how you’ll never get out. STOP your thoughts right there. A gap will always appear. Have you ever heard about someone who NEVER got out onto that other road? Big news headline: man waited 24 hours to get let into the traffic on Pacific Highway?? No, right.

So take it easy. Plan ahead and leave on time. And no matter what, go with the flow and send some positive vibes out to the other motorists on your way. Tune into a radio station with some nice, positive music. Just try it for 5 days in a row and feel the difference. You just don’t want to go back! Happy cruising.