Hello…., I’m talking to you!

The Positive Thinking movement is overrated. It’s great to know we can change our thoughts, and focus on the positive, on what we’re grateful for. But. So often, that voice will very quickly be overtaken by the inner critic. So, what about we acknowledge that it’s there? Hello…. inner critic, I’m talking to you! I need a word with you.

And to most people’s surprise, that word is ‘Thank You’! Because that loop of self-criticism is really just our egos trying to keep us safe. Wanting us to stay in our box. Stay put. So, the best way of opening that dialogue – which may be a very new one for you – is saying thank you. Thanks voice, for wanting to keep me safe. I’ve got this. This time, you’re not invited to the party. I may not get it right, but I’m gonna have a go. I’m good enough as I am. And right now, I’m doing that thing I’ve been keeping away from. You’re not invited, I’ve got this.

With clients, I get them to dress up their inner critic. Give that self-talk, the critical voice in your head, a new pitch – what about making it sound like Mickey Mouse? That will take the Mickey out of it, so to speak. Make it a circus clown, go all in – have fun making it sound and look so hilarious, that it’s easy to say: Thank you. For wanting to keep me safe. I’ve got this.

And if you’ve read my words so far, and have pretended this is about everyone else, pause for a second. We’ve ALL got that inner critic. The self-talk going on. And the more successful you seem on the outside, the more of the “expected” boxes you’ve ticked, to louder this voice can get. Famous artists, Olympic medallists, successful business owners, the inner critic comes along for the ride. It loves things at stake.

So, I’m talking to you! To you all. Accept that we’ve all got that critical voice going on. Practice this week realising when it’s opening its mouth to start talking – and pause it. Right there. Thank you, thanks for wanting to keep me safe, I’ve got this. You’re not invited. And if you keep talking, I’m changing your voice, ha!!

Enjoy keeping an ear out for it, enjoy having a chat with that inner critic this coming week. Let me know, how you go? Hello, I’m talking to you. Good on you for trying.