Jeg holder af hverdagen

Google translate it – Danish origin. About loving everyday life. It’s what we’ve got most of. These weeks stacks of FB pictures are popping up from holiday destinations around Europe: family at dinner in another country, family activities together, time to relax and so on.

The emotions are happy, content, relaxed, loving, joyful. Very real, and very heartfelt. Here’s my message: how can you re-create these emotions around the Monday night dinner table? Making sure to do things together on a Wednesday? Taking time out to relax on a Thursday?

Most people spend more time planning for their next holiday than creating the everyday life they want. What is your ideal, average day? The day that you would live again and again, experiencing the emotions you want: content, joy, relaxation, love…

What most people are not aware of, is that you CAN create your ideal, average day. By making a conscious decision today (yes! today – take 30 min out to write down your ideal day). Because as you check what really would be your ideal (not your family’s or your friends’ – but YOUR ideal), and you write it down, you can start making little 5% adjustments in your everyday life, to have MORE of those moments, experiencing exactly the feeling you want.

Where would you live? What would your house look like? And be honest with yourself: you may prefer a small, cosy, easy-to-keep place – why then aim for a big place with hours of maintenance?? What would you have for breakfast? What’s the view? What’s the conversation? What does the mundane stuff look like (because it will always be there)? Who are your friends?

There are more questions in the Ideal Average Day exercise we do as part of the Good Hearts United program – but you get the gist.

So cherish the holidays and weekends away. Notice the kind of experiences that make you happy and content. And then consciously look for how you can create little moments of exactly THAT feeling in your everyday life.

Enjoy hverdagen. It’s worth it. You’re worth it…..