BOOKS, links and inspiration to get you started:

Don’t sweat the small stuff – and it’s all Small Stuff, Richard Carlson (super short little stories to put all your worries and issues into perspective – read one a night, whichever one draws your attention),

Wherever you go, there you are – mindfulness meditation in everyday life, Jon Kabat-Zinn (a bit deeper, great intro to meditation or mindfulness in your everyday life, have a go!),

The Daily Teachings of the Secret, Rhonda Byrne (… and to give a hint: it’s not a secret anymore: the Law of Attraction. Inspiration to get your good thoughts to the front, and leave behind all your focus on what you don’t have and don’t want. A daily companion to the original The Secret book),

Ancient Wisdom for modern health, Mark Bunn (you’ll love it, it’s “what your grandma knew” but applicable to you, step by step – who wouldn’t wanna be 90 and happy and content?),

Awakening the giant within, Tony Robbins (the part about Pain vs Pleasure is fascinating: how they are the simple motivators for all we do – or don’t do. Some powerful exercises to do for yourself to create change NOW),

Hvem har flyttet min ost, Spencer Johnson (for you English speaking, google it and get it in English… it’s a marvellous story about cheese, mice and men, and how we humans deal – or not – with change, and how we tend to overthink things),

Ryd op i dit rod, Karen Kingston (when you create simplicity around you, it’s easier to find within – at the same time it’s an inspiring introduction to feng shui),

…. and whatever YOU love reading and stumble upon! ENJOY!

Other links for inspiration:

The Coaching Institute (awesome community for those of you ready to take your own learning and start helping others on their way),