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Our 'Growth Business Masterminds' group is now open for applications.

Does running your business feel like hard work and hassle? Have you noticed how your health and family goals have fallen by the wayside as business demands are taking your time and energy? What are the business results looking like – the growth that keeps evading, evaporating – while you’re busy fixing issues?

Becoming part of our online mastermind group may be the solution for you.

Are you dreaming about your ideal work week, but don’t think it’s possible yet (more time, more money, more freedom)? We’re committed to the growth of our businesses and ourselves as leaders, and you’ll learn how to boost revenue, scale your business, work focused, and gain absolute clarity of where you’re taking your business.

Get in touch today to take your business to the next level. We will offer you a complimentary ½ hr phone session to explore where you and your business can be 12 months from now – and whether we’re a fit to make it happen. We guarantee it will be with the usual Joy Hearts directness – compassionate and light-hearted.


Welcome to Growth Business Masterminds

Growing you and your business

Being in a group means we’re creating a safe place to share with peers. Selected participants mean high standards which ensures accountability and collaboration. You don’t have to do it all on your own.

  • 12 modules to secure the cornerstones of your business
  • Monthly video calls to keep you accountable and share that safe place with peers

This Joy Hearts online mastermind group is facilitated by Annlone Dalhoff, a no-nonsense powerhouse executive coach, bringing you 20+ years of multinational business experience.

This is your opportunity to “cut the curve” using insights and knowledge from her and the other business owners in the mastermind group, to see your opportunities and challenges in a new perspective and get the business growth and quality of life you are really after.

  1. Discover how to be a successful growth business owner on your terms
  2. Get access to business and leadership mentoring from wherever you are
  3. Connect with like-minded leaders who champion you

Yes, I’m ready to join and take myself and my business to next level!


What’s different?

You’ll become part of 6th gear business coaching: traditional business coaching of goals, financials, sales, marketing and leadership – combined with transformational mindset coaching. A powerful combination of mind and heart, for you as a business owner and a human being.

What else is different from other business groups? A client called me bad-ass and fun, which is a great compliment: I truly believe business and work should be result-driven, ambitious – and full of joy. So that’s how we’ll run the group.

Take action today , as you may be the adding link in one of our groups. If not now, then when? We often use excuses like “holidays are coming up, we’ve got this project at the moment, I’m too busy, maybe next year”. But guess what? You’ll be too busy then, too. By taking action now, you start changing that old pattern of excuses.


The Cornerstones

Our growth journey together

As business owners, we all want more time, more money and more freedom. Through this 12-month Growth Business Masterminds program, you will become the leader you need to be to achieve exactly that.

Discover how to be a successful growth business owner – on your terms

  • 12 steps to Business Mastery
  • Goal setting, market analysis
  • Leadership, selling & marketing
  • Creating the mindset foundation
  • Leading your way

Connect with like-minded leaders who champion you

  • Monthly 1.5 hr group Zoom sessions
  • A closed Facebook group for interaction during the month
  • Forum for challenges and ideas

Get access to business and leadership mentoring for the new, global and human economy

  • Monthly business content
  • ‘Your Success’ online 12-module course with videos and exercises
  • Sessions are recorded for easy access, also when you’re away

Get in touch today 

to take your business to the next level. Get clarity of where your business can be 12 months from now – and the tools and accountability to make it happen. If not you, then who?



What’s the value other Joy Hearts clients have experienced? Let’s ask them:

Lucy Batt

“Today, I can tell you, I get 10 times more done and have down-time with my better half. I’m still good at doing, but enjoy it now”

Lucy Batt
Regional Sales Manager

Jane Balle

“Joining a 12-month program helped me a lot with accountability, working through the different areas. Being in a group, the more we shared, the more open and honest conversations we could have”

Jane Balle
founder of Mindful Making

Clarissa High

“FUN, laughter… and opportunities, being able to articulate what I DID want. Acting on the things I’ve acted on, I’ve seen the ripple effects”

Clarissa High
Hair Stylist Specialist


YES, I need this   Did you know, that we become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with? Maybe it’s time for you to lift your average? Get in touch now to surround yourself with committed people playing at a higher level. Getting the best results for you and the group.

About Joy Hearts

To lead ourselves to lead others. To live our biggest potential.

Annlone Dalhoff is a no-nonsense executive coach, inspiring leaders and business owners to create growth.

As a Danish Australian powerhouse, she in this Growth Business Masterminds group brings you 20+ years of multinational experience with FMCG/Fast moving consumer goods: as part of Top 150, she was leading teams in several countries and running projects across several time zones.

In a dominant and fast-changing environment, she has carved out space to lead her way: getting results through leading with a good heart and cutting through the noise, showing a deep respect for the individual.

Is this inspiring you? Making you want to live a bigger life and create more awesomeness around you?

Get in touch today and get on track to become the best version of you, creating growth for your business, your teams and yourself.

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