One or two scoops?

I wrote a leadership paper 3 years ago. Sharing how 99% of leaders fail. In being the best leaders they possibly can. In creating the best business results they possibly can.

Because we’re too one-dimensional in how we do business and in how we lead others to create results. This is like choosing one scoop of ice cream every time we’re at the ice cream booth. And probably sticking with chocolate every time, too (insert your favourite variant here).

Great leadership and running great businesses are not one-kind-of-scoop-endeavours. We need to bring variety, we need all our abilities in play instead of just sticking to that one, preferred skill or focus.

This is now more relevant than ever. We are not managing hands – we are leading minds and hearts. And now even remotely in many cases. Last year proved that we as business owners and leaders can’t get results through being one-dimensional. We can’t navigate success with hard skills or chocolate only.

Our teams, our clients, our leads, our suppliers, our family and friends – everyone in our eco-system of people is impacted by their state. Their mindset. Their capability to make great decisions, stay focused and on task even when the – or their – world is upside down.

Being a successful business owner now, more than ever, means you have to sharpen your skills, both the hard and the soft skills. No more one scoop only.

Let’s do it together. Creating the factual results you’re going for in 2021 – stepping up on both your hard and soft skills, trying those new varieties out, adding to the mix. And keeping you accountable to it. Arrrggghhhh….., really? Yes, really. We all know change happens best when someone is there to keep you accountable!

It always has been that way. Business success is the combination of hard and soft skills – and results being accounted for. Think of any great business success, think great role models amongst leaders and business owners: they were great at BOTH hard and soft skills. And great at making it happen.

What are you waiting for?