Over-committing myself…. who me??!!

On the radio today, I got the opportunity to have a conversation with a good colleague around over-committing ourselves and what to do about it.

Do you recognise it? Especially this time of year. So many of us stressing out about all the events we have committed to.

Here’s the truth: it’s never about how much is in the calendar. It’s how we tackle it. We all have 24 hrs in a day, and this time of year gives us the opportunity to become even better at tackling busyness.

Tip #1: you have committed, accept that it is what it is

Tip #2: plan for respectful and smooth arrivals and departures

Tip #3: be present

Let’s unpack each one of them. First of all, when you have committed – that’s it. Stop running stories in your head or out loud about how you have over-committed or how busy it is or how full-on this weekend will be. Advance coaching: stop it! You say yes or no upfront, and when you have committed, no need to waste brain and air-time creating dramas around it.

Secondly, if you have been slightly over-optimistic with how much you can fit in a day, be super strict with your timelines and realistic about traffic so that you arrive on time and leave when you need to leave – no matter what. It sets up the next arrival smoothly and respectfully – instead of arriving with stories and drama (… the first point exactly).

Which leads to the most important point of all: be fully present wherever you are. Don’t make where you have been or need to go an issue, be present right now and focus on the people you’re with. Set your mind up for what you’re looking forward to about this event you’re walking into – or one thing you can do or be to make it a good experience.

It’s never about how much we have in the calendar, it’s about how present we can be in each of those moments – whether minutes, hours or days.