Frederiksberg workshop (bemærk: indeholder mentale strækøvelser, ingen fysiske af slagsen)


Joy Hearts’ “Your Success” workshop, open to the public in Copenhagen Monday 18/6. Are you curious to learn more about how YOU define success? And where that could lead you? Then secure your ticket, looking forward to having you join us.



For ONE NIGHT ONLY in Copenhagen, you can be part of Joy Hearts’ “Your Success” workshop. It’s successfully run with teams and organisations, and on this event it’s public for those of you curious to learn more about how YOU define success, what your ideal, average day could look like – and tips to exiting the comfort zone. Will be great to have you join us!

Location: Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Address will be shared when your seat is secured.

Monday 18th June kl. 20-21.30

Tickets: 200 kr pr stk (eller AU$42 hvis du skulle ha’ nogle af dem i lommen)