Shine that torch!

In times of crisis, we get the opportunity to step up. To focus on the most important things, to share overview and direction, to be even calmer and to support others in doing the same. The opposite is initiating, fuelling or being part of creating confusion, story, more worry or drama.

Around the world, we have the chance to evaluate ourselves and our businesses in this light at the moment.

The point is not that there IS a global event happening. The point is how we tackle it the best way possible, not only caring for ourselves but for those around us and where we can, help to impact others to lead themselves and others even more resourcefully.

We all have a certain ‘setting’, a certain balance of certainty vs variety that we prefer. There is no right or wrong, some people are thrill-seekers and others prefer predictability. No matter your usual setting, there is probably a bit more uncertainty at the moment than what you prefer.

Therefore, the best we can do for each other, our teams and our businesses is to give certainty. Make clear decisions and deliver clear communication. Accept the things we can’t do or change right now.

This is the basic part. For those of you able to do more, here comes the addition: in times of change, there are always opportunities! To think differently, to change the ways we have done things in the past for the better. To think out of the box, creatively, launching new initiatives we may have planned – but now is the time to make it happen.

So, over the next weeks, there may be things you can’t do ‘as usual’. You and the teams may be working from home, surrounded by restless children. How can you focus on the NEW opportunities in this? What will we be implementing as new ways of working, communicating and being efficient these next weeks that will serve us, our clients and our communities in years to come?

My clients and those who have been to my workshops may have heard about the TORCH. You choose where you shine that torch of yours. Over the next couple of weeks, you can shine it right into the piles of issues, trouble, worry and inconveniences – or you can turn it and shine it into the area of opportunities to define new ways of working, communicating AND being together.

We are in a way pushing the pause button for a bit. Globally. But instead of checking out, make the most of it. Which awesome conversations will you have with your closest family because you are all there for once? How will you have friend or family gatherings online instead of in person, playing games or sharing funny stories via phones and computers? How will you make you and your teams step up and build even more trust and teamwork?

Shine that torch.