Snorers wanted! I mean it… seriously

Snorers wanted!! Female snorers, that is. Well that’s a first. Normally you only hear about snoring men, as their wives complain about them at dinner parties. Well we are quite a few females who snore as well, why don’t we ever hear about that??

A few suggestions: it’s not feminine, it’s embarrassing, it blows your perfect self-image to pieces, it would make you sound like a man, keep going – more suggestions?

Anyway, a parent night at someone’s house, meeting really great people – talking about all sorts of things, not just chit-chat – the subject came up, and quite a number of us confessed!! How liberating! And it didn’t really bother me, I was never fazed by sharing room with whoever at conferences, pretty relaxed about the whole body image and sharing thing.

But then, one excruciating day a year later, my friend at choir said she didn’t want to share a room on our upcoming trip, because of my snoring. What?!!! Snoring, me??? To the extent that you refuse sharing??? I did know that I had a discrete, heavy breathing. But this was BAM, in my face. Rejection right there. For your peace of mind: we are still great friends. But the hurt.. arrgh.

So – now I imagine ads on work intranets: snorers wanted! For you to belong, to not feel rejected, you take the risk of sharing with an even bigger snorer – rather that (and bringing ear plugs) than risking being kicked out or even worse: left behind! Male colleagues already do this openly, they know who snores the most, and have just found a natural split of rooms. But us women – we don’t! Too embarassing??

Luckily, I found a new (discretely snoring) buddy in my choir, and after 2 trips we got to know each other really well, and got lots of other great things out of that combination. But now I’m at a crossroads: for the next trip, she’s sharing with her group of mezzos – so here I am again, on the market: any takers?