Superwoman down with man flu!

When superwoman is sick. We just keep going. Power through. Work. Do all the things that have to get done.

I’m working on getting rid of superwoman. So what better opportunity than this week, when I realised I had powered through (because of lots of VERY important things). And trying to hide the fact that I was sick by changing plans slightly (working from home midweek) but still doing all the same things, delivering to all plans. FULL STOP!

Who am I kidding? Myself. Looking after everybody else’s needs when my body was clearly telling me ENOUGH.

So after a night of coughing, I realised: men do it right. They get the man flu. They’re sick. They’re OUT. Decided right there and then to have the man flu and pull the plug. Cancelled everything for the next 48 hours. Do you know how hard that is? You are coming up with excuses why you could still do x and join y, just via phone. Full stop. NO! (hahaaaaa… some of you will remember me teaching saying NO, must share in one of the upcoming blogs, it does come in handy, including the stomp of the foot!).

One of our daughters cleverly went down and cancelled all straight away when she felt it coming. She was so much better during the week and ready for the things planned. The other one did like me (role modelling…. Argh…??!!) and powered through, and only got worse as the week progressed.

So that night, in those early morning hours of coughing, I told Superwoman to take a break. Actually, to pack her suitcase (does she even have one?) and just go. Leave. To never come back.

And I’m honouring myself, not everyone else or my packed calendar. Superwoman has taken off, Man flu has inspired me; I’m off sick. I’m out.

The real wake-up call was in those early hours remembering that it was only 3 months ago I was going down the same rabbit hole. And ended up with no voice for more than a month. This time at least I realised I was on the way down the same rabbit hole, and I’ll find my way out soon. Next time, I’ll see the rabbit hole coming, stay clear of it and save all the drama of extended suffering.

And next time again, I’ll be walking down a totally different path, not even getting near the rabbit hole. Welcome home. Which rabbit hole will you practise getting out of?