The perpetual potential pitfall?

Do you often get excited about something new that’s possible for you, but never get around to doing anything about it? Or take one step (often including buying sporting equipment (!?!), a book or something else to start this new, exciting path), but then don’t do anything more about it?

That’s the definition of perpetual potential. The excitement of what’s possible, but never stepping up to the mark.

We all do it, and if it’s dreaming, it’s all good. But if it’s something you really want, over time you’ll start blaming yourself for not making it happen.

We get excited about this possibility, we buy something to get started – BUT, we never apply it. That’s why the potential is perpetual: it lasts forever, the potential is always there ahead of us, but never cashed in, so to speak.

Did you know, that most books bought are never opened? Or if opened, never read start to finish? That’s a perfect example of this (and less costly than sporting equipment!).

We humans are walking contradictions. We really WANTED to make this happen, but the second we bought that helping remedy, the mind ticked it off the list: “… now I HAVE done something about this, see? I did take action…” So, for a moment we feel good about ourselves – but weeks, months or years later, we’ll go out and buy another book (metaphorically speaking), because we never took any action from the first initiative.

If this resonates with you, if you’re stuck in a state of perpetual potential, or maybe your team or your business is – then I look forward to hearing from you, to help get the potential pulled into reality. How good would that feel?

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  1. Hi AnnLone – this is me to perfection! I bought paint and all the bits and pieces last January to paint the inside of a cupboard, and they’re still in the garage…. My excuse at the moment is that paint doesn’t dry quickly in cold weather (especially inside a cupboard), so I’m waiting for spring/summer now. I’m also putting off doing a photo book – have sorted/culled half the photos but it’s all too hard, can’t remember where I took some of the photos. Maybe when I retire completely and have more time….. Hmmm….

    1. Oh, this is brilliant, thanks for sharing, Helen. The excuses in our mind, they conveniently make it IMPOSSIBLE to do “that thing” right now?! I have 2 one-year-old painting stories, too – one of them I got out of the way two weekends ago, simply made the decision that THIS weekend is the time, and nothing will stop me from getting it done. How I LOVED it that Sunday night when 3 layers had been done (even in winter.. hahaaaa). The other story still exists… because I need a special ladder to be able to reach some of that wall above the stairs. That same weekend I decided to not aim at the special-ladder-idea, and instead bought an extension for the paint roll – so now I have NO excuse. And I HAVE cleaned the wall. So, really no excuses. Your comment has urged me to make it happen today & tomorrow come rain or shine. Oh, and on the photo book – our wedding one didn’t get finished because of so many other things having to be integrated, so I decided to leave that project unfinished – the book as our marriage is not perfect, just like photos in a shoebox may still bring you lovely memories, even if time and place have been lost? What’s the decision you make about your projects today? Enjoy!

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