You are so beautiful… Who me??!

We all look different. Isn’t that fascinating? Think of all the people you know and have ever met (and that’s actually a lot when you think of it!), it would be hundreds, if not thousands when you add up school, activities you’ve done, concerts you’ve been to and the average number of people we see as we walk through the shopping centre….

As you’re now mentally scanning all of those faces and bodies, notice how we all look different. Each one of us is our own version indeed!

So how come we have a singular, narrow idea of what beautiful is??? How come most of us aren’t happy with how we look? We can start blaming media, but what if it’s really our own tactic, used to move attention away from ourselves??

Instead of accepting and trying to be happy with our bodies and looks, we create some impossible standard to measure ourselves against. That none of us will ever meet. Because every single one of us looks different. And beauty therefore cannot be nailed to one thing. Wow…..

So let’s start singing Joe Cocker’s song to ourselves: “You are so beautiful… to me”! And let ourselves feel what it’s like when we tell ourselves that we’re beautiful. And as we all look different, let’s spare ourselves the hardship of trying to look like everyone else (what is that anyway???).

So this month: every day, look yourself in the mirror (the visor mirror in the car counts as well!) and say it out loud. And when your brain goes all sarcastic on you, say it again with kindness and notice how it feels.

It probably will push some buttons, call me if you need a helping hand, and enjoy exploring what your days could be like when you accept you are what you are!!

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself”. Thich Nhat Hanh.