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Joy Hearts is based in Northern Sydney, NSW. From here we do face-to-face and Zoom sessions with our clients around the world. With your teams, we work from where home is to you.

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A few testimonials to give you and idea of how we work:


I’m getting incredible results, I really enjoy the process. The way I approach sales is a lot more refined and confident than it used to be. We are winning better jobs and we’re winning jobs without compromising on fees and conditions. This again has a positive feedback into the culture and the success of the business overall. Dom Bennett, Managing Director, Bennett Murada Architects, Sydney


Annlone is bad-ass and fun. Mikey Taylor, CEO, Channelzero, Sydney


As we work in the pharmaceutical industry where things are constantly changing and decisions have to be made at the blink of an eye, it can sometimes be challenging to keep a positive attitude and to remember that it all starts with you. Annlone gave us all a good kick in a positive and very engaging way and helped us remember: you get what you are looking for, and the only one you can really change is you! Afterwards, it has been easy to implement what we learned in the workshop in our daily lives. Lene Nygaard Bruce, Co-Source/Covance Denmark


Annlone is a highly experienced coach and wonderful to work with. She has a great blend of ‘no messing around’ and compassion. Pamela Jordan, Founder, Purple Tempo, Australia


Annlone helped me understand the value of a structured approach to selling with a human connection. This is a key component to my sales success. She gets the best out of you, our sessions were engaging, fun and challenging – and she cares about you and your success. Her Sales Booster helped med with powerful techniques, structure and strategies. Thank you. Adriana D’Agostino, Arbonne Independent Consultant, Sydney


I noticed that your voice sounds amazingly soothing, with incredibly relaxing impact, that automatically helped me engage with the thought process. I find that your calming and positive presence touches mindsets. H.K. Sydney