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Joy Hearts is based in Northern Sydney, NSW. Here I do face-to-face sessions, and phone or Skype/FaceTime consultation can be arranged for any location worldwide. Workshops will be run at your offices or as agreed.
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What others say:

Annlone has helped me to do three important things:

  • to see past the distractions and learn to focus on the issue at hand
  • to be more aware of how my ‘learned’ responses to certain issues shape how I react to them
  • to understand how to overcome the limitations these ‘learned’ reactions place upon me so I can make better choices about how to deal with the challenges life throws at me.

Now I know that change is not something to be avoided by endless procrastination but something to be embraced if I am to live a happier life. I think the following quote sums it up quite nicely: At any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety – Abraham Maslow. Thank you Annlone for so generously sharing your time and wisdom and helping me step in to that growth mindset! Liz Paul, More Strategic.

WOW, Annlone, thank you for an amazing conversation, my whole vision for the year and beyond has become energised with a wonderful feeling of peace and acceptance.‬ C.S.

Annlone is a credit to the coaching community. Her ability to be truly present and cut through story to get to the heart of an issue has helped me beyond measure. By creating a safe space of playful curiosity and hearing beyond what is being said, she calibrates questions to effectively challenge long-held, deep-rooted, un-resourceful beliefs and to foster insightful realisations for transformational change. She helped me to gain awareness and clarity around some of my most self-destructive behaviours, and assisted me with the creation of strategies to further my journey towards self-love and realisation of purpose. Thank you Annlone, for your wonderful gift. I’ve never felt more alive. Adam Sparnon, Melbourne.

I love the idea of the webinar link. First thing I noticed is that your voice sounds amazingly soothing, with incredibly relaxing impact. Just very pleasant listening to you, that automatically helped me to engage me with your thought process. I find your calming presence does touch Mindsets. H.K. Sydney

In my business attitude is everything. Whilst advertising is exciting and has many highs points, we also have many challenges: On any given day there are numerous situations where the team could become negative on a project. In my opinion, a positive culture is the biggest advantage an organisation can have. In her workshop, Annlone helped us recognise and understand how our mindset can become a hindrance in the workplace, and gave us the tools to flip it to a more positive and productive one. She was engaging and personal, but more importantly our team was immediately able to put her ideas into practice. Michael Cromer, agency owner, The Conversion Group