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Joy Hearts is based in Northern Sydney, NSW. Here we do face-to-face sessions, and phone or Skype/FaceTime consultation can be arranged wherever you are in the world. For business clients, we work from where home is to you.

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A few testimonials to give you and idea of how we work:


As we work in the pharmaceutical industry where things are constantly changing and decisions have to be made at the blink of an eye, it can sometimes be challenging to keep a positive attitude and to remember that it all starts with you. Annlone gave us all a good kick in a positive and very engaging way and helped us remember: you get what you are looking for, and the only one you can really change is you! Afterwards, it has been easy to implement what we learned in the workshop in our daily lives. Lene Nygaard Bruce, Co-Source/Covance Denmark


WOW, Annlone, thank you for an amazing conversation, my whole vision for the year and beyond has become energised with a wonderful feeling of peace and acceptance.‬ C.S.


We thoroughly enjoyed the DISC profiling session and gained great insight for working with our clients. The session was professional and interactive, and we were able to implement and use it straight away. Since the session we now communicate more effectively with our clients. I highly recommend Annlone to work with your team. Dr. Sarah MacNeil, Chiropractic Central


This year, we faced a lot of the typical growing pains and stresses of a

 young, fast growing business; staff turnover, difficult projects, tight cash flow and evolving practices. We invested a lot of energy into a structured business development program, and focused on developing specific technical expertise. Recently, a new generation of clients and projects has started to emerge as a direct result of this effort. I struggled to find the right forum to discuss this years’ challenges to our staff, and explain how we had attacked them. When we first discussed this situation, Annlone listened and clearly understood how important a positive, energetic and engaged office culture is, particularly in a creative, collaborative business. Her suggestion was to run a cultural workshop with our whole team, followed up with progress reviews. On the day, our team was curious, and also a little wary. But Annlone is an open, engaging and genuine facilitator, and her clever techniques such as silent brainstorming encouraged valuable input from our more introspective staff, and provided a level playing field where all opinions and ideas were equally valid, and equally heard. Unexpected, staff members stepped up to help organise the results, small groups were formed to interpret our thoughts and present back to the whole team. After the workshop, I noticed a clear, positive shift in the atmosphere around the office, better connections between staff, and some genuine goals being set and actions being taken. I enthusiastically recommend Annlone Dalhoff and Joy Hearts to any business owner or manager who understands the importance of fostering a great culture in their organisation. Dom Bennett, owner & principal, Bennett Murada Architects


I love the webinars. First thing I noticed is that your voice sounds amazingly soothing, with incredibly relaxing impact. Just very pleasant listening to you, that automatically helped me to engage me with your thought process. I find your calming presence does touch mindsets. H.K. Sydney