Goodbye Superwoman

Are you a fixer? Working so hard to fix the world and those around you? Aha!!! We may just have spotted another Superwoman in action. This week we ran a workshop where saying Goodbye to Superwoman resonated. So many successful, talented, good-hearted women working so hard both at home and at work, keeping the wheels turning and fixing it all. Especially, fixing those around us. What if your true success doesn’t come by fixing? What if it’s instead letting go of the idea that you can, and that you have the answer, to fixing all? You may have heard of some weird, far-away-land women who are not really PART of their family, not sitting down having a great laugh with them, not enjoying being present. I’m SURE it won’t be you, but you may have heard of someone like it??!! Well I know one: it was me for decades. And she still pops in on occasions – because she’s so familiar, and gets a lot done. What if you practised saying Goodbye to her? Goodbye to the idea that you are the one with the answer, the one with the right schedule for how-life-should-be-lived-around-here? And instead started BEING. Much less … More Goodbye Superwoman »

Come rain and shine

Come rain or shine. ‘Or’… is it really a choice? What if it’s rain AND shine? That we need to accept there is no sun without rain. That we need the contrasts to appreciate what we’ve got. No happiness without sadness. No courage without fear. No gratitude without disappointment. For a rainy weekend like this, I accept it goes hand in hand. Whatever happens, come rain and shine. Sometimes it simply rains. We need sun and rain for things to grow. We need sun and rain for us to grow. Accept the rain. Keep carrying on. Come rain and shine.