A passion? No, I don’t have time for that..

Follow your passion! Why? Hrm… let me see: it would make you happy, fill your days and weeks with joy, give you energy to all the other things in life. Is that enough reason?

I’m really good at following my passions. Some may say I’m selfish – or could you say I’m focused? Housework is over-rated, it will always come back, take all of your “spare time” and good sense of humour, so why not leave it for now and read a good book instead?

I have many passions, that’s a safe way of always having an outlet that fits your mood, the weather, the time up your sleeve. Singing with others is one, painting nonsense paintings, reading, writing, running through the bush, just sitting thinking. How good is that for choice?

Oh, did I mention “having time”? You never get time, you have to TAKE time to do the things you love, put them up the top of your list (yes, I also do to-do-lists!) because NOW is the best time. I proudly tell colleagues and friends how I can sit in the middle of a room where a bomb just seems to have gone off – and read. After having done what I love, I have so much more energy and will get the rest of the list done much easier (and without wanting to kill anyone), so it’s even safer for both my family and myself! How’s that for a win-win?

Anyway, what’s YOUR passion? What makes you happy, makes you forget time? If it doesn’t pop up easily, leave the question to simmer, and I’ll be back next week. Because now I’m off on a walk, my precious 20 minutes before attacking today’s list. See you!