I knew I could

Sometimes on my morning jog, I go up a stretched hill to challenge myself and get the heart beating a bit faster. My speed being nearly non-existing towards the top, reminded me of the Dumbo Disney movie, the part where the train is climbing up the hill and the (inner voice) is commentating: I think I can.., I think I can….,  I think I can…….., I think I can…………………… (clearly gasping for air and belief at this point). As the summit is reached, the immediate mountain conquered, the train starts its downhill descend and the commentary changes: I knew I could……….., I knew I could……., I knew I could.., I knew I could, I knew I could! Speed and confidence pick up. The last few years in many ways have been an uphill battle for so many of us in many ways. Each time we may have come over one hilltop, another bigger one appeared out of the blue. This is a reminder to us all, that when it seems hardest, it’s often because we’re getting to the turning point, the pointy end. We just need that stamina to last a little longer. And then we need to remember to … More I knew I could »

It’s all about perspective

I stopped to observe a type of millipede. Yes, we’re still in my 5 km zone. No world travel yet. Well, this creature stopped me in my tracks – I hadn’t seen one of its kind before. Actually, I ended up sitting down to continue observing its progress, crawling up this rock (do they actually crawl, or is it more of a “shuffle”?). Anyway, perspective is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Ten minutes of observing, and we had maybe a 5 cm progress for the focused millipede – it was a bit of a steep incline compared to the physiology of the little creature. It hit me how we humans set incredible goals for ourselves. Goals we’ll want to achieve in the next year, month, day, or even the next 10 minutes. And here we were: it had progressed 5 cm – and I’m not even sure how to put that into the perspective of what a “day’s walk” is in the life of a millipede. Both unprepared, this is where the drama happened: it fell from the rock it was climbing – a 50 cm drop. This would be hours of work to get back to the same point. … More It’s all about perspective »

A collective bone rehab?

Have you ever had a bone operation? In some client sessions this week we touched on collective fatigue, and it reminded me of the rehab needed after a bone operation. Even if some countries may have the sense of being out of the woods, there is a long journey still for all nations and communities. The past year has impacted businesses, results, processes and opportunities – and demands a change in how we lead and run our businesses. It won’t go back to how it was. There is indeed a long journey of recovery ahead for all nations and communities: Recovery of financial burden and loss. Recovery of emotional burden and loss. Recovery of relationship burden and loss – from realising how different and out of touch we were when we had time to get closer or when we were forced to work apart. Recovery of value alignment, as we realised how different our value sets were in our communities when each of us had to define our views and behaviours around vaccination, staying home in lockdowns, and homeschooling – and how an “us and them” mentality crept to the surface. We don’t have to sit and wait for it … More A collective bone rehab? »

A drop of joy?

Drip. Drip. Drip. The sound of a tap needing fixing. Or the sound of drops filling a bucket. What if you had drops filling your bucket? Consistently, one drip at a time. Today, allow drops of joy to enter your system. Doesn’t matter where they come from. Let them enter. Consistently, predictably. Drip. Drip. Drip.

Må min vej gå mig imøde!

“Where are we? I don’t know”. Those two sentences were given to us at our wedding as a quote, only making sense many years later. Sometimes the hardest thing is being honest as leaders and humans: I don’t know. For many industries, businesses, countries, families, and individuals – myself included – the last year has brought turbulence and change. In many ways very positive change redefining the way we do a lot of things. Yet, we may sense that there is more uncertainty than we were used to. Where are we? I don’t know. Clarity will come as we ask the right questions. I’m sure it’s coming. “Må min vej gå mig imøde” (may my path come towards me) as said by Johannes Møllehave, a wonderfully weird and visionary Danish writer and priest. Where are we? I don’t know. And that’s OK.

Fitting right out?

Two by two like a pre-school outing. Definitely received the dress code memo. Something not stacking up, though. This morning I met a squad of bushwalkers. All-female, all-equipped with walking poles and leg protectors. A certainty around them coming from being alike more than from the inside. As I passed, the scattered little teams of two exclaimed: oh, I thought you were one of us. Might have been my pink running shirt – or just the fact that they saw only them and their kind. As neat as their dress code, coupled teams and chatter seemed, it was a made-up bunch. Not a natural fit or one conducive for digging deeper or exploration. Inside nor out. I wasn’t one of their kind, really couldn’t think of anything worse than experiencing the bush through their company and eyes that didn’t see. Chatting away and only seeing the inside of their circle, they totally missed the most awe-inspiring eagle – down at the creek, not at cruising height. What are we missing when we get too caught up in likeness? Take a look at your staff. Observe your friendship groups. Check out your client base. As easy as it is when we’re … More Fitting right out? »

Get on which horse??!!

‘Get back on that horse’ is what some of us are telling ourselves around this time of year. If you haven’t found the motivation or drive to get things moving, to bring the best version of you to work yet. You may be stuck in holiday mode still, or this year we have a new variant: why bother planning or applying myself, last year proved it’s to no use?!! Here’s the thing: it’s not that we should NOT plan. It’s not that we should NOT get back on that horse. It’s not that is NO use. It’s defining clearly WHICH horse we want to get on – and planning for it in a way that motivates us. Motivation comes from within. And when the vision and the reason why is clear, there is no stopping us. On the other hand, I can teach you all kinds of strategic planning tools to help you set a direction and plan it out – it will make no difference if you’re not feeling it. If you’re not tapped into a meaningful vision and purpose. So, if you’re still waiting for that motivation to appear, here’s the sad news: it won’t. Not by magic … More Get on which horse??!! »

From wonky to wonderful

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye. They say “officially beautiful people” are perceived so because of their clean symmetry. It’s not a specific nose or cheekbone that does the job, it’s the overall symmetry. Draw an imaginary line down the middle of their face and the sides match up. Well, most of us are a bit wonky, my left eye much bigger than the right and so on. But look at nature, at how much symmetry we find. I was at the local creek, marvelling at the many mirroring images of trees, cliffs and clouds on the water surface and realised how meaningful reflection is. Reflecting on things. Being able to mirror ourselves in others. The void some of us have felt recently getting used to new ways of seeing each other and being seen. The refreshing part of seeing things from a different perspective. As a coach, a lot of our clients’ successes are because we help them get a different perspective. See things a new way. Challenge the old, stuck ways of doing, saying, thinking, being. We help to move towards balance. Where the outside image is connected with the inner picture. Us as leaders. Our clients’ view … More From wonky to wonderful »

What are you doing??

Nothing. Is that allowed? Is it socially acceptable? Is it possible for a busy business owner? Don’t care. Don’t care. And yes, are my answers to these 3 questions. Today I’m doing nothing. It’s a rainy day in Sydney and the Northern Hemisphere has moved to wintertime, the end of daylight saving. In many ways a perfect day to do nothing. Yet, it comes with nearly shame and guilt for us humans, if we do nothing. We feel we have to be seen running, saying we’re busy, ticking off boxes, getting stuff done. Fair enough, that’s what we do a lot of our time, a lot of our days. But have you tried truly doing nothing? At home? Not having to take a holiday overseas and lay on a beach to allow yourself the little break. If not, today may be a perfect time. Here’s the beauty: the more efficient we become with our active time, the more fruitful we are, the more focused and decisive – the more we can relax as well. Being either fully on or fully off. Drop that in-between-mode of looking like you’re busy, but not really getting a lot done because the voices in … More What are you doing?? »

Close your eyes to smell…??!!

Aren’t our senses amazing? A quick question for you: which of YOUR senses do you use/rely on the most?? We’re looking forward to your replies below – one word can do it – thanks for sharing! The backstory for those of you with a bit more time: this week on my morning jog I enjoyed the smell of jasmine, freshly cut grass – and the bins ready to be emptied?! It took me back to years ago in my corporate career where I was so fully in my masculine, focused on delivering and driven by the need for control that I had shut down all my senses – except for the visual one. My sharp eyes (well, mainly because of laser surgery a few years ago😀), my big vision focus, the branding trained eyes, working with big picture strategy mixed with spotting a missing detail in a plan – I think you get the drift: visual was my main sense to rely on. I worked in a beautiful world of coffee and tea, and at the tasting sessions with our Master Roaster, I originally had to close my eyes (shut down that dominant sense of mine) to practise and dial-up … More Close your eyes to smell…??!! »