You can’t afford it? Well, well.. how much STUFF do you buy??

Let’s talk about the endless stuff you spend money on today that you could stop. Not only would you save money – I bet you would also save time. How good is that for a win-win?

How much did you spend on takeaway, because none of you thought about dinner before it was too late? On work lunches you wander off to buy (amazing how needing lunch can surprise us every day!). On impulse bought clothes/bags/shoes that you don’t REALLY need? How much time did you spend shopping? Only great if you love Westfield more than your passion (see blog 1!).

How easy is it for money to just evaporate? Get a financial advisor – we did! How boring and grown up does that sound??? Well, I know ours has saved us not only money – but arguments and sleepless nights.

We had created quite an economical mess by moving to the other side of the world. Then this guy asked some key questions on goals and mindset around money. Hey, he even made me cry when asking whether we wanted to retire in Forster (no offence Forster, back then that was just the saddest thing I could imagine – and a few other uncovered items behind the tears I realised).

It’s quite simple. You need to spend less than you earn every month. And start saving up for those big things, every month. And most of what you call FIXED costs are not at all – it’s just your mindset that’s fixed. About all the things you and the family NEED and the brands you HAVE to have because of your job/friends/you-name-it. So you can afford what’s important to you. Just become aware – and make some choices.

Imagine all the weekends with time for your PASSIONS (which are most likely for free – or which you’ll now be able to pay for!). Beautiful – how can you afford NOT to?