CARROTS are good – but stints of CRAZINESS even better

What’s this thing with carrots? Making dinner – having some meat, some pasta and then VOILA some cold, peeled carrots, and I actually feel that I haven’t failed totally as a parent, that there is some healthy angle to the plate.

Peeling a whole bag of carrots, slicing them and leaving them in a tub of water in the fridge is my personal contribution to the family health. When not peeled, they go old (except for the odd one offered to a horse or bunny) – but when ready-to-grab, magically they evaporate within days.

I’m NOT good at cooking. It’s not a passion of mine. Unfortunately not my husbands either – but how we deal with that is for another day. But I do care about what we eat, and I know we are more happy when we eat good food. Carrots were my first statement.

I’ve recently discovered kale – because it was our bunny’s favourite feed (and she knows quality, will always choose fresh over supermarket veggies). You never know where your inspiration will come from, right?

And this is the point, I know I’m not normal. But how good is that to show your kids? That carrots are my strongest weapon – and you only need one thought and action to start a cause. Go for it kids, what do YOU think is important for our family wellbeing? Choose one thing and make us all learn.

How many laughs is that gonna bring – a biking, movie watching carrot eating family. There is no right way. Just make it up as you go.