Fitting right out?

Two by two like a pre-school outing. Definitely received the dress code memo. Something not stacking up, though.

This morning I met a squad of bushwalkers. All-female, all-equipped with walking poles and leg protectors. A certainty around them coming from being alike more than from the inside.

As I passed, the scattered little teams of two exclaimed: oh, I thought you were one of us. Might have been my pink running shirt – or just the fact that they saw only them and their kind.

As neat as their dress code, coupled teams and chatter seemed, it was a made-up bunch. Not a natural fit or one conducive for digging deeper or exploration. Inside nor out.

I wasn’t one of their kind, really couldn’t think of anything worse than experiencing the bush through their company and eyes that didn’t see. Chatting away and only seeing the inside of their circle, they totally missed the most awe-inspiring eagle – down at the creek, not at cruising height.

What are we missing when we get too caught up in likeness?

Take a look at your staff. Observe your friendship groups. Check out your client base. As easy as it is when we’re all similar, as efficient as it is and neat, as risky it is, too.

That we put them and us in a box. Assume we know the needs and thoughts. Or spend more time conforming and fitting in than being you, bringing you, bringing them, exploring them – and noticing that beautiful eagle.

Let’s not all fit in. Let’s fit out. Be diverse as a team, look for the differences in our ideal clients that make them unique and make us able to adjust little things in our conversation and approach – while still staying efficient by sticking to the ideal.

Be collaborative but not exclusive. Strengthen your circle and continue having your eyes wide open to cover new ground, spot what others may not see, and be aware of not only looking for likeness. Happy exploring.