Fresh air or social contact?

Water. Fresh air. Electricity. Social contact. We’ve had quite some challenges during the last half-year. Which restrictions challenged me the most? Some pretty strong contenders right there.

And to be honest: even if I miss you all terribly, the lack of fresh air during the months of the bush fires comes out as number one. Then electricity comes second – because even if I love simple living, even a short week without it in our neighbourhood this summer was a challenge. And all of us working from home currently across the globe wouldn’t be feasible either without electricity.

Isn’t it classic how we only realise how much we value something when it’s gone or not accessible? Until then, we take it for granted.

Therefore, I’m embracing two thoughts: 1) gratitude for ALL I have in my life, natural, emotional and man-made conveniences and treasures and 2) a renewed focus on efficiency in our businesses and lives – based on the definition of getting the results we want in the smartest possible way and with the LEAST use of resources.

How can you apply that to your business and life? Acceptance and gratitude for what we have – and being efficient about how we make the rest happen.

Finally, a humble request: how wonderful would it be if we could please have a couple of years with plenty of resources? Nicely distributed. Not overload but reasonably distributed to our needs. And could those couple of years become our future way of living? Let’s go for that. Thanks in advance.