Have you ever seen a perfectionist having fun? Like REAL fun?

When did you last have a real belly laugh? Not the ti-hi or haha, but a bubbling one shaking all of what you’ve got? I bet you it wasn’t while washing up. Or ironing. Or doing the kids’ lunches. Or while stressing over all the work and emails you need to get done tonight/later/this weekend. If a laugh escaped you then, it would have been a nervous ah-ah-ah, jaws tight, stiff fake smile.

Are you taking yourself (and everyone else) too seriously? When is the last time you just threw out a loud laugh when your kids or anyone else asked you to do something?

It’s good to be serious about what you do. Both at home and at work. Great to be ambitious. It works even better, if it comes with a natural flow, if you are fully present and engaged and energised while perfecting something. But if your mind is going crazy with things you should/could/must do or just worries, you are perfecting nothing, you are stressing yourself – and everyone else! – out.

Time for a confession. I was SO perfectionistic. SO serious. Before we got married, living together, I was SO embarrassed when my then boyfriend was goofing around (even if it was just the two of us in the apartment), putting silly things on his head and playing clown. My toes literally crumbled.

Now see me: nearly 20 years wiser. Appreciating his humour and goofing – I even allow some great belly laughs to escape me! Thank you! For being persistent. For continuing NOT to take yourself or me so seriously.

So the answer is: no, I was not having real fun while perfectionising. A few polite or reflex haha’s without any connection below throat level. I practised and learned to let go – so much easier. I know you can as well. Just once a week to get started, find a situation you normally stress about and let go. Happy laughing & goofing!