Meditation – HA! Bet my brain will never be able to stop racing

Breathe in. Breathe out. Again. It took me half a life time to realise it’s good to stop .. Hope others will do it from their twenties. Imagine how much resistance that would save your friends and family – and you!

Pilates. Strengthening your core. Keeps my lower back issues abreast so to speak. Great thing, while you brush your teeth or wait in a supermarket queue – win-win is that you’ll be happy when your queue turns out to be the slowest one. Did bring my (then 3 yr old) daughter with me. SO boring – no surprise, it looks like women lying on the floor for a full hour doing nothing. Can’t see all the inner work going on.

I digress. In my twenties I never looked back, inwards or anywhere else – just full speed ahead. In an all-low year (relationship and job ended, on my own in a new city, lonely as), went to a palm reader. Wise woman. Commented on me being perfectionist (??!!), and that I would have my husband move out of the bedroom before my 40th if I didn’t let go of that perfectionism! At that point I did not even have a boyfriend, probably too much power young woman for most boys to even dare looking my way. But boy, did she have a point!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Luckily I tried meditation. And it’s not at all scary! My busy mind is having SO much fun, some days I visualise running in the bush or swimming through a pool – and have not even left the floor! And thoughts come and go, and you can just imagine hanging them with pegs on a clothing line along your way, how easy is that. So do yourself a favour: breathe in. breathe out. Aaaaaaaaah..