Looking back…. over my shoulder?

This time of year we tend to look back. Appreciating the year that passed, the people we spent time with, the achievements we created.

Looking back is wonderful, and it’s also a really important part of our personal journey, looking at who we were yesterday (yesteryear, yester decade) compared to who we are today.

Cherish looking back and then give some thought to looking ahead. With the words of the futurist we had guest speaking recently: let’s plan the future based on the future!

Unfortunately, most often we as leaders and business owners – and in our private lives – plan and predict the future based on the past. And even if that shows what we were capable of, it risks holding us tied to the choices of the past.

With a new decade in sight: what about taking a fresh view on yourself and your capabilities? Of your team, your business, your life? Planning who and where you want to be in the future – and creating the strategy and focus based on THAT instead of the past?!

Looking back is valuable. Let’s now look ahead – and still use our own shoulder (not what everyone else is doing) as our guiding post. Casting our eyes to the future, let’s focus on how we can be an even better version of ourselves tomorrow, next week, the next decade. Enjoy!