Tiny top-ups or chunky change?

Sometimes, we need to empty the tank fully before it makes sense to fill it up. Yep, I’m talking about the petrol tank on our car, our mobile phone battery, our own energy and our business projects.

Do you recognise any of these “tiny-top-up” patterns?

– just putting 20 litres in the tank because the “the price is so high this week”

– plugging in the phone for 10 minutes for a bit of juice before running out the door

– closing the door to the bathroom for 5 min to have a bit of space before rushing to the next thing

– getting the team to work on the 20 projects that all need work right now

It’s ok in the short run with top-ups, but in the long run it will keep your mind constantly aware that “I need to fill up again soon – what’s the petrol price doing…??”. Every open project and thought is adding another open loop to the 20 loops already running in your mind. This is what causes overwhelm. For us and our teams.

In your business, where are you and the team doing “the little things” – simply because tackling the bigger projects or changes needed is too daunting? Keeping busy by little top-ups.

Let the tank empty. Accept your energy gauge may be at the bottom. Stop some of these “little projects” that take your attention away from what really matters.

Then do a FULL refill. Taking your time, allowing yourself to replenish fully. Allowing yourself and the team to focus on the key project this week.

Beware of the tiny-top-up pattern. Focus on the big chunks that matter the most.