Close your eyes to smell…??!!

Aren’t our senses amazing? A quick question for you: which of YOUR senses do you use/rely on the most?? We’re looking forward to your replies below – one word can do it – thanks for sharing!

The backstory for those of you with a bit more time: this week on my morning jog I enjoyed the smell of jasmine, freshly cut grass – and the bins ready to be emptied?! It took me back to years ago in my corporate career where I was so fully in my masculine, focused on delivering and driven by the need for control that I had shut down all my senses – except for the visual one. My sharp eyes (well, mainly because of laser surgery a few years ago😀), my big vision focus, the branding trained eyes, working with big picture strategy mixed with spotting a missing detail in a plan – I think you get the drift: visual was my main sense to rely on.

I worked in a beautiful world of coffee and tea, and at the tasting sessions with our Master Roaster, I originally had to close my eyes (shut down that dominant sense of mine) to practise and dial-up my sense of smell and taste. Isn’t it amazing how we function?

With all the work I’ve done the last 5 years on welcoming my feminine energy (connection, creativity, allowing, flow) my senses have come flooding back and I now vividly and actively use ALL of our five basic senses every day – seeing AND tasting, hearing, smelling and touching. With presence and intention.

As I now mix my masculine and feminine energy every day, I am both efficient and create results for my clients and myself AND I laugh and feel the joy of this amazing world we’re living in. I hope this triggered your curiosity – and made you aware of opening and allowing ALL of your senses in life and leadership.