Curiosity as my secret sauce

Yesterday morning I discovered curiosity as my secret sauce.

Curiosity as a go-to-state. When I put on my curious glasses I can’t be grumpy, or disappointed or judgmental at the same time. Not at myself, not at others either.

Maybe that has always been my secret sauce, my super power? I loved school and learning, was it really because it triggered my curiosity? The kind of subjects I’ve studied that logically should never have been able to excite me – but then a teacher (Karen, Kit: macroeconomics!) or a fellow student or something else got me curious. Sometimes maybe even the fact that it was so far from my current sphere that it had to be explored. When first my curiosity was triggered, there was no stopping me.

With our daughter currently travelling London, another example came to mind: becoming au pair in London when I had only ever babysat once (with poor results) and generally had no interest in or experience with small kids. But this amazing mother inspired me, she had a marketing background, had run her own Cafe, cheeky and fun, and I became SO curious about these two little boys, these fascinating human beings, how different they were and how different ways worked magic with them.

Looking back, that may be where my fascination for human behaviour started – how to play whatever cards we’re all given. It really did become a rewarding year, and curiosity played a big part. Because with that curiosity and connection, I could survive cleaning and other chores (which I from age 9 had proclaimed to my mum I would always make sure to outsource!).

What are the givens in your work, teams, life and relations that you just have to accept – and which set of glasses can you put on to get the most out of what you’ve got?

Test out which emotional state or action best brings you out of whatever misery you’ve got going on? Laughter? Exercise? Gratitude? Gardening? You can borrow curiosity if you want. Then I’ll borrow laughter today.