Follow yourself

So many things to do. So many people to do things for. So many books to read, podcasts to listen to. We get lost in the “world out there”, all the external things we want and do and must keep up with.

What if I said that the biggest journey to be had is the internal one? Of following yourself. Of finding back to that inner compass – in case you’ve lost track. As leaders, business owners and influencers of the communities we’re part of, it’s easy to get so focused on the task at hand that we lose track of ourselves for a moment.

To be there for ourselves, to accept ALL that we are – including all the stuff we’re not proud of, the traits we want to hide, the quirks so different to those of everybody else. Shame loves shadows. The things we’re embarrassed about, hiding it makes it grow, hiding it makes it spiral.

We are strong as leaders when we have nothing to hide. When we can accept others for what they are – not letting their ways push our buttons.

So, what about making it an inner journey? To (re)find that path that supports YOU, finding back to what you do really well, what lights you up. The little gems and passions we’ve forgotten. And it doesn’t mean shedding everything else in your life – all the external things can stay exactly as they are, you are moulding and moving on the inside, carving out little 10-minute pockets to nurture YOU, getting back the spark in your eyes – not changing the world, but adjusting how you experience the world around you.

Following yourself is not a selfish thing to do. It’s the only thing to do. Because we’re all different. Nobody is exactly like you. So how could their path or view be exactly right for you? We get inspiration from each other. We can find role models to copy. We can grow by sharing our experiences and views with others and by taking on their feedback. But only you can shine your light. So, stay true to your compass. Follow yourself.