Just STAY HOME one weekend – just one!

How come some people think it’s OK to say yes to an invite – and then comes the day, they drop out? I’ve seen this happen quite a lot here, and my Danish heart goes: that’s not ON! When you say yes, it’s a yes, no excuses. Even better: say NO. It’s OK – you probably know you won’t have time/energy/feel like it, so be honest up front and decline.

Do you know what’s much better? PLAN for a weekend with nothing on now and then. And driving kids to this and that doesn’t count – teach them to take the bike/bus/walk or ask another parent to car pool and take turns. You don’t NEED to be at the sideline every weekend. Really. You don’t.

And I’m not mean here – I enjoy watching my kids’ activities, being there to support and see how they’re doing. But don’t ever use it as an excuse. It’s your choice – and it’s OK to plan for a weekend without you there.

You may have guessed my kids now have started having 2 digits in their age. But still with small kids, you would be amazed how they would enjoy watching and joining you in something you are really passionate about one weekend, instead of oozing bitterness and “all-the-things-I-have-to-do-stress” which definitely will make them fight and moan to get attention.

Back to this empty weekend idea: don’t invite people over. Don’t go shopping (WHAT?? Starving the family??). Dig deeper in the cupboards/fridge/freezer and get creative with what you’ve got (omelette a la….?!). Buy milk, a loaf of bread and 1kg apples in the corner store. Money and time saved right there. So do things YOU want to do, that give you energy and make you happy (what strange concept???!!).

I bet you don’t dare! Because the REALLY scary thing is having time. And not knowing how to spend it when all excuses don’t count. So it may take a few “free weekends” before you can hear that inner voice and know exactly what you would actually like to do.

Hey.. pst…. when you get itchy because you have nothing on, don’t start harassing the rest of the family about what they should do. Just let everyone follow their heart, just this weekend.