Washing clothes – is it that time of YEAR again?

We do 2-4 loads of washing on the weekend. That’s it. You may think we wear dirty clothes. Well no, we just dig deeper in the drawers and the kids wear the smaller size uniform they don’t really like wearing until the next sunny day. We’re also smart using layers, so you only change the small tops underneath and re-use the outer layers. And some weekends we don’t wash at all – by choice (see my prior blog!)

You will also survive not having clean linen on the beds every week/month/quarter (insert your current benchmark). Believe me. And you can live a healthy life with some dirt and spots in your life. As for sports clothes: some can be worn twice (yes!), and if it’s the kids’ sports clothes piling up: teach them to put a load on themselves. Much better.

Four years back or so, when colleagues on a Monday were discussing which amazing cafes or outings they had been on for Mother’s Day, I (proudly!) proclaimed that I had made it the BEST Mother’s Day ever – by getting the kids to do all the washing. They had tried it before, but this Sunday I sat on my hands – or more precisely with a book – in safe distance to the laundry, and asked them to do the whole thing themselves: sorting, washing, hanging it up. They could come and ask questions, and they did a few times, but they did it all themselves!

So do you see my point of it being the best Mother’s Day gift ever? How many hours and days did that give me in all future years to do MY passions (see the first blog)?? Of course we adults do the washing as well (and I now actually enjoy it instead of seeing it as a burden), but it’s our absolute own responsibility to keep up the kids doing it as well! And on that Mother’s Day we did also go to a cafe in the afternoon when the washing was done…

Kids actually WANT to help (even if they moan at first). You know yourself how great it feels when you can deal with something yourself – kids are no different! But that’s for another day:-)