Må min vej gå mig imøde!

“Where are we? I don’t know”. Those two sentences were given to us at our wedding as a quote, only making sense many years later.

Sometimes the hardest thing is being honest as leaders and humans: I don’t know.

For many industries, businesses, countries, families, and individuals – myself included – the last year has brought turbulence and change.

In many ways very positive change redefining the way we do a lot of things.

Yet, we may sense that there is more uncertainty than we were used to.

Where are we? I don’t know.

Clarity will come as we ask the right questions. I’m sure it’s coming.

“Må min vej gå mig imøde” (may my path come towards me) as said by Johannes Møllehave, a wonderfully weird and visionary Danish writer and priest.

Where are we? I don’t know. And that’s OK.