What are you doing??

Nothing. Is that allowed? Is it socially acceptable? Is it possible for a busy business owner?

Don’t care. Don’t care. And yes, are my answers to these 3 questions.

Today I’m doing nothing. It’s a rainy day in Sydney and the Northern Hemisphere has moved to wintertime, the end of daylight saving. In many ways a perfect day to do nothing.

Yet, it comes with nearly shame and guilt for us humans, if we do nothing. We feel we have to be seen running, saying we’re busy, ticking off boxes, getting stuff done. Fair enough, that’s what we do a lot of our time, a lot of our days.

But have you tried truly doing nothing? At home? Not having to take a holiday overseas and lay on a beach to allow yourself the little break. If not, today may be a perfect time.

Here’s the beauty: the more efficient we become with our active time, the more fruitful we are, the more focused and decisive – the more we can relax as well.

Being either fully on or fully off. Drop that in-between-mode of looking like you’re busy, but not really getting a lot done because the voices in your head are talking about all sorts of things from the past or the future that are not related to what you were supposed to focus on right now. That’s a waste of time.

So, practise becoming fruitful, working in flow, super-efficient when you focus – and then fully switching off, too.

That’s how we start shifting that perception that we have to look and say we’re busy in order to get great results or be seen as good enough or successful, whatever we’re aiming at. Remember to declare it proudly: What are you doing? I’m doing nothing today!

(psssst….. isn’t it clever how you can write and schedule a post like this in advance – so that it’s offered to you to read on a hopefully lazy Sunday – while I’m lovely lazy, too?)