What would you bring on a deserted island??!!

The good old question which the whole world is living right now. We just didn’t know to plan for it and – like in the real deserted island scenario – we’re therefore left with whatever we had on hand when the ship hit the ground.

The harsh reality hits: you may not enjoy the company of the family members or the flatmates you are stuck with currently. You may not even like your own company for such an extended period of time!? You may be fed up with your dwelling or the surroundings of your home. You may not be satisfied with the activities at hand.

Or you may be really grateful and content! With how your deserted island is looking right now. There is a lot of deep appreciation happening currently – with the partners you love and live with, with your kids and how they tackle the situation, with the kindness and generosity of your neighbours and community even from afar.

Our situations right now – for better or for worse – is a snapshot in time. It’s the current, busy lives we were each living being frozen in time. Repeated. Like in a movie or in a cartoon.

We were probably all too busy to really notice it. But with stillness and repetition, it becomes very clear what we’re grateful for – and what absolutely must change when things start moving again. We really did hit that pause button with excessive time to reflect. In that sense, what we’re learning these days, weeks and months, are invaluable lessons.

What on your island have you realised must change?

Life is a lonely journey – only we know what really floats our boat, what really makes us happy. As you spend this global pause to mentally pack for life after movement comes back, what are you NOW making sure to bring onto your deserted island? What is your life of choice? Enjoy creating exactly that – with intention.