Young GIRLS out there – listen to that inner voice!

Listen to your inner voice. When things go wrong for you, when you get a dent in your car, drop things or hurt your finger: it’s a gentle nod to you that you’re not listening to that inner voice.

That you have been caught up in thoughts or actions that are draining you more than giving you energy, that it’s time to stop and listen.

Do something good for yourself, something that grounds you. Go for a walk in nature, be silent (NO – Facebook friends do NOT need to know, this one is for YOU), just be open to what messages your inner voice is trying to get through – you have powered through not listening, so it needs to “trip you up” in bigger and bigger ways and shout to you, as long as you’re still not listening.

Meditation sounds like such a Hare Krishna thing, I know. I only tried it out last year – and it’s not that dangerous!! It’s really just forcing you to be absolutely still. What is that inner voice telling you? Are you chasing fame and others’ approval, where really you could be doing all the same things you are doing, but in a way right for you? Be grounded and be the best YOU you can manage today.

A great metaphor I got told: Look after your own garden. Imagine a garden with a little fence around it, what will YOU grow? Maybe only grass to keep it easy. Or some nice flowers, imagine their colours and fragrance. Now comes your best friend and pops their head over the fence with some potatoes from THEIR garden they think you should grow as well. Do you see the point?

Maybe you say yes and become a lover of growing potatoes, but it’s OK to say no thanks – and wait for whatever idea you get next to what you want to grow. Too many people live to live up to others’ demands. Others will try to get you to do things they think right. With good or bad intentions, but what’s right in their world may not be right in yours.

You can do exactly the same tasks and things that you do now – but do them for you, true to you! Maybe you will do it with your current friends, maybe you’ll over time start noticing who it’s easy to be yourself around – and spend more time with them.

So: start looking for the small trip-ups in daily life and think THANK YOU inner voice for that reminder.