As sheep – or fish??

Some of us try most of our lives to be like everyone else – fitting in, doing what others would like us to do, say and think. It resembles sheep, doesn’t it?

There are many reasons for choosing to not act independently. It feels safer in the short run, definitely easier, and takes no bravery. But instead of feeling bad about it, let’s reframe being like sheep to moving like fish?!

Fish are shoaling for social reasons, but it also gives protection against predators, higher success of foraging and less energy use. Sounds familiar? How great it is to sometimes NOT have to think, to just follow suit, be part of the team. The protection of fitting in.

So, let’s accept that sometimes we need it. That it’s nice. Schooling like fish is like a little rest, a nice cruise with a given direction, going with the flow.

And then appreciate our need to sometimes break out, to go off on our own. To think differently, shine our own light, be independent – the unicorn of fish?

Whether you’re resting at the moment in the safety and anonymity of moving with the crowd. Or whether you’re sensing the urge to break away for a bit, to find your own, windy road, to follow your own clock and be ALL you possibly can.

Appreciate that you have a choice. And either are fine. Recharge the battery and then know when it’s time for a trip down your unique trail, the one no-one else can take, because they will never be exactly like you. Enjoy the swim.