Close the gap!

Heard this story from a friend having a visitor stay. He had shown the visitor around town, spent quite some time in the car. One afternoon, driving along, the visitor shouted out loud: close the gap, close the gap!

My friend had no idea what he was talking about – until he slowly realised that the visitor wanted him to speed up to get closer to the car in front, so that no-one else would get in.

He was appalled, amused, bewildered. But isn’t this a great metaphor for how differently we can live our lives?

Are you the one wanting to ‘close the gap’ to not let others in, fearing others taking away from what you believe is yours to be had? Or are you happy opening the gap, letting more people and unexpected episodes in – being abundant and open-minded with your time, your space?

When waiting on a busy road, I’m now always curious for who of the oncoming motorists has the awareness, the mindset, the abundance, to hold the distance and signal to let me do my turn.

Are you frantically closing gaps and cracks? Might be worth exploring what life could be like if you allowed the gaps to be. Saw the cracks as OK. The beauty often lies in the cracks and gaps in ourselves and others – have you heard the saying that the cracks are what lets the light in?

Let’s create a week with plenty of gaps and cracks to be explored.