Travelling in time

Honey, the climbing castle has shrunk! Well, as I passed my old pre-school, years later, I was shocked to see the old climbing castle had shrunk. What – in my memory – was a tall, towering construction with the suspension bridge hanging far above ground, was now a mere, man-sized castle with a simple passing from tower to tower.

As you know, it hadn’t shrunk: my perspective had changed. Have you had similar experiences?

Some things we recall, but our recollection is but a version of the actual event, with deletions, distractions and filters based on who we were back then, and what we chose to focus on and remember.

So, how many things in your life are you clinging onto with an old perception, a memory, a recalled situation, which is not serving you anymore? It may be about time to take a new look at it. Get your perspective updated. You never know, it may have shrunk. Happy updating.