Friends….isn’t that a kids’ thing?!!

What if friendship was the most important thing in your life? What if keeping connected with a few close friends was the best gauge of your mental wellbeing?

Those of you with kids, here’s a quiz: how many times have your son/daughter seen their best friend the last month (outside of school)? Now question to you all: how many times have YOU seen your best friend the last month?

I bet the numbers are different. And now all the excuses are coming flooding out of your brain: too busy, the weekends are full of kids’ sports, I need to do the house/washing/garden in the weekends, we see our family instead…. Just keep them coming, come on, you can do a few more: I’m working weekends as well to keep on top of things, I’m helping my mum out….

Well, well, that’s all a choice. What if you chose to catch up with your best friend at least once a month. Or every quarter. Making it important. How can you carve out time in your busy schedule?

And I don’t mean any friend. Not the ones you feel you have to invite. Or inviting the whole group even if it’s really only 2 you want to talk to. Make an inner scan and see who pops up on the radar, standing out as one you GET energy from seeing.

Kids know how important friends are. And how much grief it gives when it’s not working out. When you haven’t found a best friend yet. Or haven’t found your tribe yet who accepts you for who you are.

Have you got a friend that comes to mind as one that gives you energy? Who accepts you for who you are? Then make sure to enter that friend into your busy schedule.

An email, a text, a good old-fashioned phone call, meet for a walk around the block, drop by for a coffee, or put a coffee in the diary. Not because you have to. Because you want to. Need to. And how it will make you both feel uplifted afterwards.

Well, I’m off….. Have a few people to cherish I realised…..Happy Sunday!