Full of yourself?

There are people so full of themselves that you can’t stand watching. And then there are people being so much themselves that you can’t STOP watching.

The current horrendous situation with the bushfires in Australia is gut-wrenching. The fires have been continuing for months and will only cease when we get plenty of rain, and the losses for people, livelihoods and nature are devastating.

In the midst of this, one example from the last days gives me hope for the changes we can make going forward and the power of visibility and numbers. It’s an example of how being visible can make a massive difference when you use it for the greater good.

You may have heard of the Australian comedian, Celeste Barber. Our daughters introduced me to her on Instagram years ago, and she has since gathered 6 Mio followers globally by sharing and contrasting the glossy, perfect model image with her exposing her own normal, not-perfect body and being in non-flattering ways. Using humour to tackle the difficult stuff. That in itself is hilarious and she is a great voice for us all.

As her parents-in-law are in one of the areas at great risk and with lots of losses already, she a few days ago started her campaign with a goal of raising $30,000 AU$ to support the recovery work of Red Cross to clean up and restore after the fires.

It has been astonishing and heart-warming how she over a few days have now raised not just that, but the funds quickly hit a million AND last time I looked – within days of kicking it off – she had raised $20 Mio AU dollars to the support work.

This is a mind-blowing example of putting yourself out there. Making yourself visible. Standing for what you stand for with a message helping others or the greater good in whatever field you’re focusing on. And then using that visibility and fame for the greater good.

We’ve seen it many times over the last decade, and with social media, we now have a power of the people to focus on areas of improvement that matters and getting momentum behind it fast.

When you put yourself out there – you get the results. It may not always be exactly the ones you expected – or the way you expected, but you get results. Staying busy, playing safe and not taking action to connect in a good way with the world around you – the people who matter and your potential clients – will definitely not create the results you want.

Let this be the year and decade where we step up preventing, planning and creating better lives and a better world for us all with vision. From the small everyday things, we can ALL impact, to the great impact visibility can create.

It’s a powerful combination: being results-driven, kick-ass AND connected and full of laughter at the same time. I’m setting my intention for creating results and joy for thousands this year. Following what’s been seeded the last year and being braver and even more loving.

This year – be more you. Bring all you’ve got. Lead the way. Be so full of yourself in an awesome way that it spills over to those around you. Creating better work lives and better family lives. Happy New Year.