Run out of love?

Time, energy and love are amazing assets that we have plenty of. Yet, most of us treat them as if they are a scarce resource like money or oil that you shouldn’t spend too much of – afraid you may run out.

Anyone with kids knows that when you have one child and get another, it’s not that you have spent all your love on the first and don’t have anything more to give! It’s nearly opposite: the more you give, the more is created within you. It’s like an automatic replenishment system!

The scarce resources like money and oil are external, outside of us. The resources that truly matter come or are created from within.

The more you practice love, the more it’s replenished. The more you learn to enjoy and appreciate and value your own time and energy, the better you get at giving lots of it and feeling you still have lots. You may know the saying: give something you want to be done to a busy woman? We all get good with practice.

Here’s the catch: the love given can’t be the bitter kind of love. Or guilty love. The time given can’t be time given with the clear indication that you haven’t got enough and that the other person is taking your precious time.

The best results and the smoothest replenishment are when they come from a clean ego. From a good heart, where you have worked on making you the best version of you that you possibly can so that it’s unconditional.

Then all of these resources can flow freely. They all come from within and are limitless. When you know how to give them freely and unconditionally, they don’t run out.

The best investment you can do in life is investing in you. Learning to shift the obstacles and beliefs that hold you back, and building this state of abundance within, creating your natural replenishment system.

Then you won’t run out. Of either time, energy or love. Enjoy replenishing.