Gratitude one day or the other?

I haven’t been online yet today, but I’m sure there will be stacks of Mother’s Day posts and true gratitude for the flowers, the lunches, the dinners, the gifts.

That’s all fine. But as those of you know who have followed me for some years, we don’t do Mother’s Day or Father’s Day in our home. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating these days, we have nothing against them like some people detest Halloween as a growing commercial tradition – I think it’s GREAT to create new traditions and savour the old ones.

What is it then? Well, we believe the other 364 days count much more.

What is a lovely bunch of flowers on this day compared to mutual respect and helping each other out running this thing called a family all year round? What is a breakfast with hundreds of other families out on this day to celebrate the (sacrifices of?) motherhood compared to a smile and a hug on a random Wednesday – seeing in each other’s eyes that it means a lot having each other around?

I hope everyone has had a lovely day, been spoiled and had that beautiful feeling of love and gratitude come their way. AND I hope that for the coming 364 days, you will feel it, too – and be part of setting a standard where we do our best to appreciate each other along the way.

Could you imagine running a business or a team and only once a year appreciate the work and enthusiasm? I didn’t think so. Let’s treasure the families and the roles we all play as much as we treasure each other as colleagues and teams. Happy Family Day.