I LOVE my morning jog – you what?????

Yep, getting up half an hour earlier than needed. Getting into the half smelly gear from yesterday morning. Jogging through the surrounding streets and then doing 10 minutes of stretching in the street when I get back. Highly recommended!!

Do you need me to start listing the advantages? Having ½ hr to yourself, at the beginning of the day, no one asking you questions. Aaaaaah. Then it’s actually healthy, you get your body to wake up – it could even just be a 5 minute walk up and down the street. Some of your great thoughts and solutions to stuff will appear out of the blue – literally. And then you actually get to know all your neighbours – the wave, the hello while you stretch that leg on a street pole more or less graciously. Ha-ha.. at least you give them a smile and something to laugh at to start their day!

Weekends I jog into the bush. No phone. Just my space. So peaceful and good for the soul. And then I’ve actually come to explore a few native plants and animals as a free combo. Even talking to the wallabies now and then (kids, sorry – did it again, didn’t I? Harming your social standing).

And when I say jog, I mean jogging. Really slowly. And sometimes I don’t feel like more than half a kilometre and turn around, if anyone was watching, they would think I had forgotten my key, returning two minutes after I left… hahaaa… But I do it for ME, so no big deal. And I never skip the stretching, that’s my layman version of meditation made simple.

Did I always feel like it? NO! But I just kept doing it, and now my body and brain don’t fight it anymore, just get on with it. And those days where I skip it for whatever reason, the proof comes later that day…. being more grumpy, tired, starting to annoy the family with things they should do. So – whenever I start stressing and bossing around with others – time to go out for a jog and let them get on with their life uninterrupted, win-win-win.