That awesome 5th day?!

You clever ones out there working 4 days a week. Can you do one for the team (that’s the rest of us, still working 5 days a week, or you poor ones out there working more!!)?

Spend the 5th day intentionally on all the things that will create the future YOU. The things you need to learn more about, practice or push your comfort zone on (no, vacuuming does not count!). So, to become the person you really want to become, you MUST spend your day off preparing 100% for that, as if it was life or death! Ready? 3 rules apply:

Rule #1: You have to do the vacuuming and washing during the 4 days you work, as if you were full time! When you really know what you want to change in you and your life, how wasted would it be after a month to have vacuumed your house 4 times? Versus having read, watched you tube videos or networked with people that already role model who you want to become – imagine the difference in you!

Rule #2: Start today and do at least 4 weeks of thinking differently, pushing your comfort zone, going to a relevant network event (and TALK with strangers, if you go and stay in a corner, you could as well have stayed in bed!). Imagine how many new thoughts you have thought after 4 weeks, and how many new actions you will have done. Refreshing!

Rule #3: GO for your passion, NOW, no excuses. What are you passionate about? Who do you want to become? Start thinking about it and focus on it NOW. You will find the teachers and role models you need, when you look up from that washing basket (or … insert whatever you use as procrastination!).

When you have gotten excellent at investing in YOU on your 5th day, you can mix it up again and get a win-win situation : that you have studied stuff online since the kids left for school at 8 (studied I said, not checking Facebook?!!), and when you then hang up the washing at 10, you will get SO many great ideas and the learning will settle in, whereas if you had only done the washing, your thoughts would have been exactly the same as yesterday (and the day before, and the day before…). So only when you reach this level, you are allowed to mix in homely chores on this day.

And now the twist – of COURSE this applies to YOU as well, working full time, busy schedule, blah-blah…. You just thought you were off the hook, right? One more rule for you. Rule #4: Dedicate at least 5 hours a week just for YOU. For your passions and your stretch. Yes, I know you can – and you know too.

Ready? Set. GO!!!!