Two years from now – who are you??

Two years from now, what are you doing? Who are you being?

I look back and see so many wonderful changes. Because I made a decision nearly two years ago out of pure passion and feeling it was right.

What is one little thing that you will start doing for pure Joy? Because you would love to. Because doing that thing say once a month will make you happy and start connecting again with how Joy feels. When it’s not because someone thinks you should do it or it would be great for you – but because YOU have a yearning for giving it a go.

Make that decision now! It can be something tiny. It can be a new hobby. Or an hour doing absolutely nothing, purposely. Needing only that you carve out 1 hour for YOU say once a month to explore and do this thing.

Now imagine two years from now. How much joy and energy that activity or non-activity has given you. And the ripple effects on other areas of your life and the people in your life??!! What are you waiting for?

I’m heading out to find a hula hoop ring, haven’t done that since I was a kid. And not for a purpose. Just for fun. Who knows, now that I have made up my mind, I may come across one in the street, put out for council clean? See you soon!