Show me your standards (my what??!!)

Show me your goals and I’ll know your dreams. Show me your standards and I’ll know your success. That sounds serious, ooooh, standards, do I really need them?? Well up to you. If you want results in your life – set your standards. What you will repeatedly do.

Today I treasure my morning jog and the weekend run into the bush. 10 years ago I was the one looking at the joggers with disbelief. Then a colleague challenged a group of us to sign up for a 21K run. Never having jogged before, I needed a plan. Started with 1 minute of walking, 1 minute jogging, 1 minute of walking… Around the block. After a few months, I decided to not do the 21K, signed up for the 5K instead – and I have never stopped jogging since! Thank you colleague!

In which one area of your life are you ready to set a new standard, start a new ritual? Knowing that a little change today, carried out sustainably, will result in a fantastic change over a year, 5 years, 10 years and become one of your loved rituals.

Choose a tiny one to start off with, please make it REALLY easy for yourself to succeed!! Could it be making your bed nicely before leaving the house (or if you’re opposite: skipping one perfectionist ritual you have to start your journey of letting go?!!). Consistently, every day, until you enjoy it. Whatever it is for you, set a daily or weekly standard you will make sure to keep.

With spring around in the Northern hemisphere and the cooler autumn here south, it is an ideal time to start one new ritual. When you have proven to yourself that you can keep it up, you will have the confidence to bring yet another standard into your life that as well will become a gift to you and those around you (when you have ” ritualised through” the first uncomfortable period).

Show me your standards and I’ll know your success. Great quote shared and lived by Sharon Pearson. Have a go – and get amazed. That it’s not all the stuff you talk about that matters – but what you actually do consistently. Hmmm….. ouch?!

So absolutely have dreams, you need the 21K dream to even get you started. And then prove to yourself that you can keep the achievable standard you set, get out jogging 3 times a week for example, come rain, shine or excuses. Or start every morning with a nice cup of tea and 5 minutes of just being. Whatever you choose, the standard and consistency you choose is what will create the results!!

Which standard to start off with? Choose one right now! It’s paramount that you make it easy for yourself to succeed. Pick an important and easy one. Ready? Hop, hop… off you go. Happy Easter.