The Pose of the Pizza

I’ve been so tired the last few days. Exhausted really, heavy like an elephant. Luckily it tipped over into laughter and crazy stuff Friday night, because I just kept looking at the whole situation with curiosity and a hint of craziness. Which let to The pose of the Pizza, which will forever live in our family consciousness….

My daughter and I have done yoga over the last 5 months or so, I still mix up the names of the poses, while thoroughly enjoying actually doing them. Sometimes my brain simply picks a word from a wrong drawer. And great humour for me often comes from mixing and mashing stuff that does NOT fit together at all – which led to this delicate pose with a pizza box balancing on the back of my head. Health pose versus Junk food. Gracious. Not. Funny. YES. Tears running down our cheeks, hick ups and smudged mascara all over the place. THAT cured my heaviness.

So: with the words of Richard Carlson “Don’t sweat the small stuff – and it’s all small stuff”. When it all looks too hard, have a laugh with yourself (especially if no-one else is around, even more reason to just start laughing with yourself: they do it in laughter clubs, so of course you can start laughing for no reason whatsoever as well!?!!).

Find something silly to do, make it clear to your procrastinating mind that it IS ok to have fun, even when things are not easy. Sitting crying in the boat will just move the boat closer to sinking, jump out of it for a few minutes, see if you can run and dance on water – or laugh of the mess you’re making as you plump in and crawl back on land.

Pizza is super for a Friday night. Yoga is excellent for emptying your mind and clearing your body. Self-laugther (now also a word!) is hilarious at any point. Maybe don’t start your practice in the next meeting at work. At least not physically – you can think about it, see it in your mind. Or more safely start it next time you’re home alone. What’s your Pose going to be?