The Egyptians did what??!!

Egyptians 3000 years ago believed that the heart possessed all our wisdom. When embalming the dead, an important first step was to remove the brain. How fascinating is that? We visited the Egyptian Mummies exhibition some weeks ago, and this astonishing fact hit me like a hammer: they knew 3000 years ago, and we’re only now starting to take it to heart (pun intended!), and for some even with hesitation.

So what can we learn from the Mummies? Stop using our brains to run our lives. They did not even want the brain to hang around after death. So how come we let most things depend on it? Try this on: live more from your heart, what about even leading from your heart??!!

This is not a free pass to Procrastination and Laissez-faire – this is combined with knowing your purpose and having your steps and high standards clear. But start the journey and live each day from the why and the values rooted in your heart. And then use your brain to put words to the goal and add the benchmarks and actions needed.

The Egyptians also used basic herbs for medicine that we’re only now returning to (well, our grandparents used them, but somehow next generations always seem to think they know better??). So here we are, thinking (indeed the brain taking credit) that we are so clever and advanced. And really we’re reinventing what cultures before us knew and treasured every day.

So join me in this awe of the Egyptians and let’s go on a journey of “back to basics”, WITH all our current technology and advancements, but allowing our good old hearts and their wisdom to lead the way.