Friendship in colour…

The beauty of two umbrellas, one in all colours of the rainbow – the other one white. Two friends on a bench talking. Trusting each other to talk, to listen, to be quiet. Witnessing each other’s lives unfold, the ups and the downs. Being the mirror to each other: learning who we are, keeping each other honest.

Not like X-factor, Idol or Who’s got Talent, where some people end up in the unbearable situation of being asked: who told you that you could sing???? Being a good friend is not keeping the truth away from you because it’s too scary to tell. And it’s not about being a dream-stealer – it’s about being honest, when you and your friend is ready for it.

When we are onto something good and right for us, great friends support each other, give each other the courage (from French ‘heart’, ‘coeur’) to keep going and pursuing our dreams, our little happiness. And when something is difficult, we are there to listen.

So here they were. Two long-time friends. Sharing time and presence. Going for their walk despite the rain (and we’ve had rain for a month now in Sydney… so no good waiting for a blue sky!). They may have been friends for 20, 30, 40 or 60 years. The calmness suggested how they appreciated it.

During some parts of our lives we may struggle to find friends – or hesitate to reach out. Teenagers often have heartache from not being able to find a friend that’s true to their heart and whom they can be themselves around. And sometimes adults struggle too.

No matter whether you have a trusting friend right now or not. Know that you are loved. YOU are loved. You ARE loved. You are LOVED. Grab your umbrella and trust someone else with your thoughts today. No matter the colour of their umbrella.